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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where Do I Fit In?

Home Sweet Home
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I love Second Life. I have great friends, have seen amazing things, and find it endlessly entertaining.

But sometimes, just like in RL, I feel like a total outsider. Always on the fringes, never quite knowing the right things to do or say, or just knowing I've said totally the wrong thing, causing offense when I meant none. I feel like I just don't quite fit in anywhere.

At those times, it is so much easier to retreat into myself, to go back to being a loner, to just curl up in my little space and lick my wounds.


Jennifer said...

Hey Nikkita - Could I interview you for a class project on virtual shopping? I could pay you for your time or do something in return if you are willing and available to do it?

Scilina said...
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